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Masacre Music Musical The original De La Ghetto(Masacre Musical Music) is a copycat version of our Masacre and Masacre Music Inc Ideas & titles active and on th
JayTempo, YoungToke, Lefseyed Music, Tempo, young toke music, young toke, jay tempo, toke, toke brandanowitz, toke brandanowitz
I'm a new hip hop beat maker, always preferred hearing the beats that the actual song cause that's what indulges me in a deeper level. I hope you enjoy my beats
OICU812JACK is an eclectic mix of multiple personalities all balled up into a tight little fist. A fist of love, compassion and togetherness.
TEMPO, acoustic, rock, lincoln, nebraska, craig mustard, chris rogers, progressive, blues, jam band , red, blue, yellow, green, purple
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