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Electronic Contemporary Music with armonics pads, sequencers and clears melodies. Música electrónica Contemporánea con fondos armónicos, secuencias y melodñias
A rambling collection of analog synths and a church organ, making a great awful racket over pirated break-beats, with a madman at the helm, tweaking filters a
Recording Studio for all genres of music. Professional equipment for solid industry production. San Francisco & Oakland based recording studio for professional
Prog rock with a classic, melodic sound reminiscent of Yes, Genesis, Kansas, Rush. A duo consisting of Jim Kube on drums and percussion and Rob Wessel on guitar
Ambient viola,analog and digital electronic instrumental music for relaxation and deep interior voyages.
New Jersey-based Keith Science has been producing underground hip-hop tracks since 1992. No computers, software or keyboards used... Just an old rack sampler,
Analog Garage- mining that classic sound with anachronistic recording equiptment; our special way of saying fuck you to all you pro tooled, synthetic rockers.
We Offer Sound Recordings In The Form Of Music Instrumentals, Beats, Loops And Sound Kits. All Recordings Available For Paid License Use For Films, TV, Video Ga
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