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Haven Head Band,Jim, Sandy, and Mike love music and it is what they do... Blues/ Rock, Excentric Rock Music, Country Rock, Hard Rock,Folk Rock, Folk, Country B
Serious Defect is a solo artist from Metro-Detroit, MI who collaborates with several hobbyist musicians who enjoy Metal, Punk and Rock of various genres.
I'm a guitar player from Portugal, who likes to improvise solos in the genres of blues, jazz, funk, rock, metal... I love to jam and play with other musicians,
Bro Jamms a hot Original Improv Blues Jazz R&B and Fusion of all and any music. We caught these recordings at enception and mixed it up a little. We have a gre
A new way to look at hip-hop and R&B, the smooth way. A style of music you won't find anywhere else.
Solo Blues and Rock Guitar driven music.
I use to be in a rap group called Soul Force Legacy (SFL). I try to make my beats sound like something that would inspire me to write 16 bars to. /* main page
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