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FrEeZe MuZiK
Instrumentals - Trap
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ME PHI ME - The ONE Man Hip-Hop Fraternity of true alternative rap music is from Flint, Michigan but produced by Chicago auteur, Chris Cuben. With an eclectic s
'Time Has Come' is on deck. So hit us up on the net to purchase yo next tickets to the show and I can bet you never will forget it.- Out of Control on 'Time Ha
Ambient-Noise composer, Phillip B. Klingler(aka PBK), has been active in the experimental music underground since 1986 and his soundwork has been released on nu
We worked out of a basement studio in my house on Orgould Flint Michigan between 1975 and 1981. We only played original music. We called our music FREEDOM
Club, Fight, and crunk music. just any type of music that can have tha crowd hype, and off they feet. and make people be like Dang They Hard.
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