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singer/songwriter, blues, acoustic, live, DIY recordings, Lightnin' hopkins, jimi, Mp3PRO, Snowball Johnny, Rick Skuse, finger picked guitar, anarchy and freedo
we have varying influences.. but our uniting force is one.. BEER!!! listen to our music.. we need a new drummer..
I started off years ago fresh out of Juvi pissed off. Music is like my diary got to keep it up to date. you can expect real struggles, happy, sad, love, violent
hip hop beats instrumental gangster thug happy sex joyous free loving crazy drugs freedom independent hardcore dark stoned rap big small alternative punk emo me
Music is my passion, knowledge is my verse. My pen is my sword, I make music to change the world. I'm not after fame and fortune. I do it because 13 years ago,
It's like sippin liquid valium from a sexy glass in an underground opium den
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