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I am the Tweak. TweakHeadz Lab is my studio. Listen to my current songs and collaborations with my friends then head down to my site at or my
World music with a touch of jazz or jazz with a touch of international spice or simple KabuJazz.
Cool, beautiful sophisto-pop. Thanks for dropping by, come in and hear tracks from the critically-acclaimed album 'Arctic Circles', available from CDBaby and I
QoL, internet music, MP3, Jazz, alternative, punk, progressive rock, female vocal, male vocal, mixture, Japan, Tokyo, electronic, guitar
ATP (adenosine tri-phospate) is: 1. energy-craving molecule present in all life forms 2. The very best Japanese alterna-rock band
Acoustic, melodic, pop, folk, classical influence, strings, guitar, cello, violin, female vocal, beautiful, cute girls, women, Australia, interesting, original,
folk, acoustic, hippie, anti-folk, alternative, jangly, singer-songwriter, weird chords
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