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A fictional place of song and dance
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revolutionary, hip-hop, hardcore, political, tucson, phoenix, arizona, GRIME, Let Freedom Ring With a Buckshot
Revolutionary, Sufi and political Rap/Hip Hop, Based on anti-oppression! the topics mostly taken from the reality of the Middle-east (Iran)!
Caenum is an independent/do-it-yourself rock band based out of Omaha, NE. Since forming in the fall of 2001, they have lived by their Go it Alone attitude. Cultural Hip Hop Revolutionary Rap Khary WAE Frazier General Population
1 of 2 members of Hatchet Men. Revolutionary. Political. Hardcore, underground Hip-Hop. Advocate for Native American rights.
But not until she received international recognition for her 'Cartwheel Heard 'Round the World' would she be firmly ensconced in her music.

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