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The Kidnap Soundtrack began as a hardcore quartet in the early summer days of 2002. With the recent addition of a second guitarist, they have done some explorin
Nonsense, french hardcore band à la Refused, Raised Fist, Sick Of It All...
Gritty, no-nonsense motherfuckas with intentions to destroy the plastic bubble fantasy world known as hollywood and all it's followers. Society is going down to
I ya need free beats? I got ya covered! Soft sappy shit, to bangin battle tracks! Everything ya need, all at one place. And I ain't chargin' six figas for em ei
Beatmaking Beatmaker ensoniq hip hop rap ghetto cracka hardcore hxc beats beat
Metal featuring KRIS NORRIS from DARKEST HOUR on lead guitar!!!!! Download the mp3s and bring the MOSH!!!! Produced by Ken Olden from DAMNATION AD!!!
Hardcore, blues, southern rock, screamo experimental ambient retard music.
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