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Deftones, American Head Charge, Korn, hatebreed, ill nino, mudvayne, slipknot, hed(p.e.), 40 below summer, nin, nirvana, mushroomhead, cradle of filth, element
We are a panamanian band that started on late september of 2003, the lyrics talk about feelings in life and how these lyrics touch/inflict the majority of peopl
How I got the Name X-Cell, i was thinking to myself...from excelling to a different level for example. From Going to the bottom to the Top!
Metal featuring KRIS NORRIS from DARKEST HOUR on lead guitar!!!!! Download the mp3s and bring the MOSH!!!! Produced by Ken Olden from DAMNATION AD!!!
Ailinel is a metal act based out of Cincinnati that consists of 6 individuals whose previous bands (V-mob, Calamity, Skin Curtain, Banderas, Footprint Scars) we
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