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Some accoustic stuff, some techno, reggae, alternative. Just for fun, nothin serious, but I have some cool music.
Known also as LORD BUGS ! French man living near Spain now after a long time near Paris. Rocked by all the styles ! Since a lot of times !
A reinvigorated singer-songwriter from the 60/70s...contemporary folk but ranging into rock/blues/country/jazz/humour...all very eclectic, I'm afraid!
Acoustic folk, gospel, inspirational, gentle, soothing, evangelistic, gospel folk, singer, song writer, country Christian artist Christian Performer, Music Mini
Accoustic Indie Folk. Heartfelt lyrics anyone can relate to, and melody lines that get stuck in your head for days.
Accoustic, psychedelic, folk, Alternative, indie, indie rock, singer songwriter, solo, new zealand, wellington, nelson
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