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Fool-X trio - a trio jazz band with very unique sound of leader`s doublenecked guitar. Trio plays many gigs in big towns in Poland, and also outside Poland.
acoustic guitar, fingerstyle, open tunings, tab, tablature, hedges, tapping, ewe, steelstring, instrumental
I am an Instrumental Rock Guitarist from Dhaka. If you like honest, pure and passionate music with great guitar melodies as well as technique, you may like me!
Experimental and traditional acoustic guitar and harp music available for concerts, functions and events.
Man on the Megatar - Crimson meets Talking Heads meets Weezer meets System of a Down, George Clinton an angry Ricky Martin.
currently have a que of collaboration work with Mc solid. But unable to record yet due to busy schedule. i will release new songs soon when the break starts :)
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