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MELANCHOLY are playing : Basically gothic/dark metal with grains of death and nu metal.A big part of their music is based on acoustic melodies in the same vein
A mix of heavy goth rock, shoegaze, and darkwave. Deliciously melancholy, and a bit hedonistic.
The perfect and homogeneous symbiosis between Funeral Doom Metal and Classical Music.
Inspirational and colourful. Melissa's music is of as many genres as there are of emotions, evoking sensitivity, harmony and passion in every song.
Merankorii was born in the beginning of 2004 as a side project of Mind Booster Noori, a tentative form of cultural art with a melancholic and depressive touch o
melancholy, gothic influenced rock/metal with som electronic vibes. Mellow and hard at the same time.
Homegrown underground hip-hop. Thought provoking music from the San Francisco Bay Area. Chef/Camer1, The Wanderer and microphone astronaut are The Insomniaddict
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