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This page contains demonstrations of sound effects I have created for the Spin FV-1 DSP chip, mostly using SpinCAD Designer. To learn more about SpinCAD Design
Truth Trill, real name Charles Barnes. Considered by some as "The Greatest Lyricist of the 21st Century" and founder of the enigmatic
One person (Reinhold Behringer) at his computer and music keyboard, creating renditions of orchestral classical music, faithful to the composer's score and to t
Chaoist breaks and dubs, crossover roots influenced music
Multi-Award Winning Vocalist & Instrumentalist... Maine Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee... Maine Country Music Living Legend Award recipient... Inductee int
Acoustic rock / Folk Metal / Jam band gone mad / the place where dust bunnies are born.....
I am a solo artist, creating smooth jazz, electronica, dance, new age, and ambient soundscapes.
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