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Music with Rocks In, inspired by the work of Terry Pratchett and various musicians. Formed for the Irish Discworld Convention 2009, Music With Rocks In is John
Im Witty. I go to School at MU and i love to rap.
Accoustic and jangly electric guitars propel simple arrangements of simple songs with often complex, often witty lyrics. Genres like folk, power pop, indie roc
shakey is the biggest artist thats gonna come out of ireland, his club tracks mixed with street style and witty punchlines will bring him to the top. He ha
B! Davis Presents... Bad Boys Break Down Too! Kick Ass Anthems To Get Fucked Up And Cry To On A Friday or Stay Home, Stoned, Just Remembering on a Tuesday
Contact Joe Roll or Richi Rich on any production, chopping/screwing, or web site related materials.
Self-produced, acoustic and electric, guitar-driven alternative/rock/folk/pop music with sharp, witty, and grammatically sound lyrics.
Hot, Fire, Lyrical, Witty, Smart, Intelligent, Crazy, Flow, Ridiculous, Gangsta, Instrumental, Spit, Battle, Diss, Rap, Freestyle, Hip Hop
A mixture of all times and places, celtic, traditional, irish, country, blues, jazz and a whole lot more!
I'm a white rapper. I rap about cheese, abortions, mustaches, cryptozoology, the dark arts, rape, alcoholism, pedophilia, animals, love, death, disease, weight
'Ello me name is Turtle, Tuga, or Tortuga from Quest Wreck Chords. W/e name u prefer. I'm just ur average Joe who makes his average music. Here at Quest we have
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