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Scott Supreme
Instrumentals - Trap
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Beat Demons
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Instrumentals - Trap
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Unease is an alternative electronic rock-duo based in Stockholm, Sweden. The songs are pulling the dark strings to describe the melancholic feeling that is the
Its only me for now. Only 3 years ago I really discovered my ability to write songs without being a bit embarrassed of them. I have 45 written songs as of n
Vonnis is a hard rock band with progressive tendencies. We sound somewhat like a blend of Tool, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and good.
industrial metal progressive rock experimental Autechre, Coil, Failure, Fear Factory, Godflesh, King Crimson, Machines of Loving Grace, Ministry, Neurosis, Nine
Alia Lorae creates music that makes you want to dance, while at the same time being inventive, complex and personal. By combining the styles of today's EDM
::ELECTRO:DEATH:ROCK:-:FETISH:INDUSTRIAL:-:NOIZE:: Powered by microchips and synthesizers, with a few riffs in between. It is so real it is unreal.
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