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Jim writes, records, and leads worship in a multitide of venues to help people connect with their Creator as they worship Him!
Purpose is a holy hip hop artist from Philadelphia. The main purpose of his ministry is to glorify God and help others know Jesus Christ. Purpose is also a me
JahGydeYah is a collective of artists who do Quality Roots Reggae, Dancehall, and Hip Hop Music
Reality rap. But we also got those club bangers just incase we get signed and need to drop somthin to sell units. got awesome concepts on the slbum The Emergece
Ozhiphop, Australian, HipHop, Rap, Boombatty, Pohetikut, Kadowg, Purpose, Motive, Southern Skeptiks, Adelaide, Ill Shit, Figures of Speach, Oz, Aussie Hip Hop,
Roots, Rock and Reggae. the mysteries of the cosmos revealed in 4-minute danceable slices. vine-ripened grooves, sun-baked musical goodness. like cheeks restin
I prefer not to be considered a performing artist, but more of an asset to the game. I'm currently making all purpose music to hone my skills as a musician, hi
a real lyrical rapper always workin on rhymes and spittin crunk music and gangsta beats i can slow it down or speed it up however u need it i got it like tha ne
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