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An innovative and original sound in blues. Hard-hitting, edgy and creative.
Just an ordinary guy who writes songs about things I think are worth writing about. I try to hit a spot where people say I know what he means.
Biodiode, an interesting musical journey that covers many generes and styles of music. Mainly using Sonar with Spectrasonics gear to make the tunes you hear.
You know what? I pretty much have my own sound, or I should say "sounds". I've been a musician for over 25 years, and did the "covers" circuit for awhile too. N
I scream into a microphone and make it sound like an instrument, I bang on the desk and flange it for drums... You like me. You know you do.
Experimental post-punk alternative w/ live jam edge
i do all kinds of rap, hip hop, old school, all mixed stuff ya knwo
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