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Bryan Sharp is the drummer in "Black Friday." The band is often heard in Towson, Maryland at Recher's Theatre. Bryan composes solo music; many of them posted o
Sharp Tooth Benny is a band that all true Blues and Rock enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. “Slinky Sounds For Reptilian Lovers” is an Irie Member Records producti
In defense of Music, and with all due integrity I have created this channel to document day to day, week to week lives of otherwise unimportant people such as m
100% Independent, I Am the future of Hip hop and RnB. Check out my songs and news posted on Instagram @ScAnFrEaK and Twitter @ScAnFrEaK1st
EOS is a rap group consisting of 2 members Sharp & Q-Ball from Akron Ohio. The group was officially formed in November of 2002. They have had several singles re
Underground solo artist from New Orleans. Bringing a hot flow with an original mindset. Dirty south midwest New York pretty much what ever style you want to hea
I like all types of music so I experiment with a lot of different sounds I like to being real, having fun, and smiling ;) It's superb fun making beats, even
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