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Seth Morales (a.k.a. TheRealExplicit) is an Arizona native who grew up around all types of music at a young age. Often, hed borrow his older brothers CDs and li
The band's vision is to share stories of past trials, personal perseverance, and to touch the hearts of their fans. No matter how far you from this world, youll
From Phoenix Arizona and am a Jack of all trades. I am musics pawn... I make the music in my dreams. I dont try to sound like any body else. Im not an imitator
I do it all. When I say 'all', I mean everything that has to do with the production of a high quality album. I'm working out of a small studio currently, but
Punk, kill some time, misfits, kill, some, time, ramones, two dimes, arizona, arizona punk, phoenix punk, band, punk band
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