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For The Night
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
Homeless Balloon's music is a mix of ambient grooves, chill out, electronica, acoustic and world beat. All tracks are in 320 kbps quality!
A creative individual turning negatives into positive by applying the myself daily. These sounds are inspired by Space, Nature and Waves
Di Evantile is studio musician, and sound designer. Mainly work in classical, ambient, new age, and electronic styles of music.
Audiostratus Studios: The vision of tomorrow can only be seen through the eyes of yesterday and the knowledge of today.
I grew up in KCMO, then went into the military, there i had tragedy and new doors open. My father past away which threw me into a new way of thinking, thus Tran
An eclectic mix of world styles, electronic / acoustic madness.Influences range from Indonesian gamalan, middle eastern, japanese, chinese, African, Africa
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