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metricks - Electronica Mind Probe Discover yourself then discover the world. The sound is imagination all over our mind. Let the tunes float over you... The
Rene Reyes is a consummate professional Ghost songwriter, Powerhouse Speaker and Business Development Coach with songs, poetry, motivational instructions etc un
Punk rock riot DIY alternative indie noise anarcho pop from portugal. we want to help destroy musical business, not feeding the Mob!
infinite-e, Infinite-E, infinite-E, Infinite-e, Acid, Ambient, Breakbeat, Dance, Drum n Bass, Electronica, Euro, House, Jungle, Portugal
Beats with Angolan flavoring. Sons temperados com aquela boa vinha d'alho só nossa!
My journey began in 2009, when I first decided to explore this amazing world of musical production, when trying to record my guitars for the very first time. An
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