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Accoustic Indie Folk. Heartfelt lyrics anyone can relate to, and melody lines that get stuck in your head for days.
Almost SANE blends a variety of rock styles with intriguing lyrics and powerful, often harmonized lyrics. It's New Rock meets 80s Metal.
A #1 electronic recording artist on several leading internet music sites including soundclick, ReverbNation, and NumberOneMusic! Hear my song: NosferatU YoU
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bellside, bellos, montbello, denver, denva, denvah, 303, 3o3, asian, azn, khmer, khmai, cambodian, cambo, azian, chicano, rap, urban, sick wit it, cali, califas
80's pop rock: flashy guitar, big vocals, and synthesizer
YESSURR (Young Entertainers Speaking for Society’s Under Rated Rebels). Kajmir Royale and Meloe Spontane combined, creates a full package of witty wordplay, co
DJ Emir One of the worlds top nightclub and Mixtape Deejays. DJ Emir knows the turntables and uses them with the presicion of a surgeon. He knows music, how to
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