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I'm just someone who played a lot of video games, listened to a lot of classical music, did a little composing, and thought to myself, hey, neato!
A blend of electronic and symphonic elements, this mash up of organized noise is primarily for films, although I do dance/electronica on the side.
One man. One keyboard. Epic brilliance? Probably not. Never the less, FLstudio as my guide; I will continue to put loop and sample artists to shame. Fear me, y
Milksop explores the dark corners of our psyche - hidden places we often don't wish to acknowledge - through overindulgence and self-loathing.
Unifying soaring guitar chords, orchestrated strings and concert piano with the sounds of glitch, broken beat, and circuit bent equipment.
Upcominq Producer Out Of Memphis Who's Creativity, Talent Range Is Unmeasurable. Therefore, Travis Harris (TiiZzAy) Will Stand As A Sustained Note In The Music
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