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I'm just someone who played a lot of video games, listened to a lot of classical music, did a little composing, and thought to myself, hey, neato!
One man. One keyboard. Epic brilliance? Probably not. Never the less, FLstudio as my guide; I will continue to put loop and sample artists to shame. Fear me, y
Milksop explores the dark corners of our psyche - hidden places we often don't wish to acknowledge - through overindulgence and self-loathing.
A blend of electronic and symphonic elements, this mash up of organized noise is primarily for films, although I do dance/electronica on the side.
Upcominq Producer Out Of Memphis Who's Creativity, Talent Range Is Unmeasurable. Therefore, Travis Harris (TiiZzAy) Will Stand As A Sustained Note In The Music
Unifying soaring guitar chords, orchestrated strings and concert piano with the sounds of glitch, broken beat, and circuit bent equipment.
Currently, I am a one-man-band as a solo artist, but I am a Music Producer and Music Direction Team-Lead for almost 10 bands across the United States.
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