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we swim in the bajsbrygga between post and prog
Paul Nery was nominated for Best Male Solo artist at the Internet Online Music Awards ( IOMA ) 2005, and won Best Instrumental in 2006. Paul Nery uses NANO 1 an
Deep Sleep Society are Dreamy, Intoxicating, Hallucinogenic, Instrumental, Electronic, Meditative, New Age, Dark-Ambient & Trance.
A rambling collection of analog synths and a church organ, making a great awful racket over pirated break-beats, with a madman at the helm, tweaking filters a
Essen band Fokker were mainly active in the early eighties, often talked about but rarely heard.
Electronica, IDM and trance from Buffalo, NY. Right now everything i
We don't know much about those guys witch pretend they have an incestuous relation with music. We know they are 3 and some years ago they decided not to save ro
Writer of electronic/instrumental, keyboard/guitar based progressive music. However, I don't claim to be a "Pianist"/"Guitarist"/"Instrumentalist of any kind!
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