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A Celtic music duo from Ontario, Canada. Performed imaginitively arranged traditional and traditionally-based original compositions on the Irish flute, guitar,
Liam O'Beirne (whistle, bodhran, vocals, arranger, composer), Jennifer Hallock (percussion), Jennifer D Scott (vocals and fiddle), Brian Knott (bass), Dan Merwi
Fiery Jack have been described by reviewers as a cross between The Clash and The Corries, giving audiences a taste of high energy Scottish Folk mixed with so
Rune Stone is a traditional Celtic - Irish session band. Our music features voice, bodhran, mandolin, guitar, whistle, bass, and accordion. Sometimes fiddle, h
Traditional Irish and Scottish music, and folk music. Celtic non-pub music, strictly acoustic. Both ballad and up beat numbers.
Irish band out of Chicago, IL playing traditional Irish music as well as modern arrangements of traditional music.
The Elf Ranger is in real life a girl from the southwest England, actress, drama teacher, and writer.
Hi-speed Celtic party music, featuring accordion, mandolin, fiddle, bodhran, cittern, guitar, bass, tin can and washboard.
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