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Our latest upload, Gem Cutter is a lovely woven flight through... Whatever you go. There you are. -smAsh (all rights reserved)
Come rock with Parker Solar Probe and touch the sun
When Chefone, the harsh and intolerant captain of the ship, dies the people celebrate, even the floor where he walked rejoiced.
Joe DeCristopher plays electric guitar, keyboards, percussion & back-up vocal George Potor plays acoustic guitar and does lead vocal Fred Strickland plays electric 5-string bass
7D - Territory of Imagination. 7D project - Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Post-rock, Ambient, Psychedelic, Space, New Age, Instrumental, Neoclassical, Soundtrack. *** ***
Space metal groove bump! someday somewhere at either 1:20 a.m or p.m this is what i was doing and this is how it felt. just groovyyy man. it literally takes you on a ride into a space roller coaster.
It's about some the history of our space program and about our anticipation of traveling to Mars, starting by honoring Dr. Robert Goddard.
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