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Collegium Cantorum em Concerto Tributo a Mulher. Regencia Helma Haller. Gravccao ao vivo na Capela Santa Maria - Espaco Cultural, Curitiba, PR em 07 de abril de 2014. udio: Bruno Haller
Musica de camara, para cuarteto de cuerdas clasico, dos violines, viola y cello.
You probably wonder is there some Bartok in this piece. I don't know, you can find out yourselves.
This is my painting with music. It is a journey through emotion and thoughts. Listen closely a and you will catch a reoccurring theme throughout, in various forms.
Just a simple style suite. Always with Finale Songwriter.
I wanted a each movement to be distinct and yet retain a continuity and recognizable from the previous movements. This movement incorporates themes from the second movement ans almost like movement #2 begins.
Composed in 1983 for piano solo. Later rearranged for synthesizers. This is microtonal version recorded in 1991.
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