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recorded at "Stonevalley Studio"
piano solo of an old English song
A traditional tune. AKA - What Child Is This?
Perhaps my favorite carol and folksong from the Islands. This version was arranged for a mixed gypsy instrumented ensemble.
Greensleeves, an old folk tune...Beth on rhthym guitar, vocals, piano bass; Scotty on guitar intros and mandolin rhythm and mandolin lead.
Enchanting, delightful, varied. Traditional carols on instruments ranging from Middle Eastern to Caribbean, harp to marimba, oboe to strings, orchestral to steel drums.
A jazz jam version of Greensleeves with guitar and bowed electric upright bass. All 'live' in the overdubs, no punching in. Just as we played it. Featuring the talents of John Corcoran on guitar.
solo acoustic guitar version of popular Renaissance piece
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