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(C) 2018 Nadia Cripps. Music, Keyboard and Demo by Nadia Cripps. Photo by Silvia & Frank / pixel2013:
This was an original song written about Randy's childhood and memories. Randy did his own vocals and harmonies. This was recorded and produced in Danny Black Studios from Madisonville, Tennessee.
"The branch leaves are falling, and I try to take you out, out of my bloodstream... And every second feels like a rattle, seems like a battle, one with no mercy and questions unsolved..." A new ballad by David Bazo featuring Monika MNK on lead vocal
Composed and performed by Enrique DeLorean playing Korg, Roland and Kurzweil keyboards. Recorded and mastered using Mixcraft, Digital Performer and/or Sonar digital audio workstations
Very peaceful slow orchestrated music. Perfect for a sad scene in a film.
Mid tempo country song about lost memories found
Tears on Paper from the Reaction 7 Everyday Problems album
A song about our different stations in life "I was just passing through" ...
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