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A lot of strings, some vocals in the background, a hell of a lot of time put in. $20 exclusive, wav or stems, tagless;
Off of my newest album NOISE available at...
Retaliation to this nerdy azz n*** who does more research on somebody than the friggin NSA just to post a whack lisping display on a dead site....even tho he got Earthed officially twice by me....not that it even matters. So he's taking beatings for
I dunno why this nerdy ass lisping troll insists on talkin sh** on this dead ass site, but this is the nonchalant nuking result of that. Instrumental is "Tonite" by Eminem
This dude apparently has a problem wit me cuz I was in the Navy. Thinks I really believed in "servin my country".....smh. It was a job, dummy. Good enough reason to diss him...and his voice. And he's whack.
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