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David James is a respected artist in the Tampa FL area. His music is a mix of styles that could be described 'schizophrenic'. It's rumored that a club's DJ let
We blend fresh music every hour! Our music is always fresh! We smash wack MCs like avocados daily! Music so fresh we make it ourselves! Music made fresh off
Reppin 425th Wheel Records outta Renton Highlands, WA. Givin ya'all somethin different to sit back and ride high to. So light up a splif of da Pac Northwest's
weird beats, soundscapes, stuff dropping on the floor, fractured hip-hop, literate obliteration, or subconcious subterfuge.
The Bay Area originators of XXX Comedy Rap
Random, Hip Hop, Funny, Weird, Different, Rap, that even your momma can listen to.
its djuan - taj(tosh) - bert. east oakland ca. bayarea artist.
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