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Gardy-Loo! was formed in June of 1990 when Nasty Savage called it quits. Ben Meyer, Richard Bateman, and Craig Huffman decided they were due for a change. They
A combination Metal project...combines various elements of sub-genres of Metal to create an amalgam of unique extreme music that appeals to a wide range of list

Unique Death/Thrash metal for people who like Bigfoot, worms, and creative music.
Heavy Rock/Metal, riff based with the occasional solo, some throated vocals, some melodic vocals, definetly not emo, not very Death Metal, maybe a little bit, w
Ex Vita Abire is a oneman project at the moment. All guitars are played by Koen Dercksen, the only member. He also programs drums and synths.
industrial, hardcore, screamo, emo, drum and bass, creative, weird, different, goth, gothic, dark, unique, ohio,
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