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I am an Italian composer . I am recently working on couple of projects: "ANSIL MUSIC with Silvio Galasso whith whom I have co-written a spectacular Love & Peace
Pop folk music for the 21st century
Inspirational and colourful. Melissa's music is of as many genres as there are of emotions, evoking sensitivity, harmony and passion in every song.
SOPHISTICATED ELECTRONIC POP FOR US/EURO TYPES: Boys & Girls, get a load of Artie Q; you won't be disappointed! New book & cd @ Check it!
Eliana Flores Matthies and Don Martin are EpicFire ..working on covers and originals. Mainly originals, and we have lots of good ideas...we are now a 5 pc band!
Usually, I'm sort of a one-man act, however, I perform well with others too. To get a feel for my style, you'll just have to hear it.
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