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Wray is a modern folk artist, with an alternative feel. Intertwining melodies and vocal harmonies are an essential part of any piece.
Blazin Glory, garage, sublow, grime, eski beat, r&b, Hip Hop, Urban, Speedos, Little Gussy, En.I, Tigga. Also other crew's songs on out page.
Pebble Theory boasts a polished sound that is reminiscent at times of Dave Matthews meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their debut CD is very radio friendly and i
Original Hip Hop and so much more mp3 stereo loops beats riffs horns strings drums bongos cholos gringos spaghetti-O's fetti chetti tempo acid horrorcore Tijuan
I am the we, I write and produce in my studio and bring in a cast of characters to fill up the tank on this wild ride. I host a showcase every Sunday evening a
Listening to this band you'll notice they are influenced heavily by Alternative, Rock, Country, Punk, and Blues.
assembling sounds and scratching strings without a plan. free music. yeah!!! FREE THE MUSIC !!!
Fusion/Rock/Pop/Hip Hop band from Singapore. Label:Big'O. 5 member band including 2 producers, revolutionary with many styles brought in, soul, funky tunes to t
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