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I am Mario Devon, singer/songwriter/producer/audio engineer. My goal in music is to clash the genres and create something new. Imagine classical piano combined
Amari Salaam Recordings very own bad boy turned DJ. Known as on the hardest street battle rapper, E hustled his way out of the Bluff.
Hiya, Im Lauren, aged 15 and live in West London. I've only been with Youtube for a short while, so if you spot any mistakes on any of my videos im really sorry
Christian singer, songwriter, dancer, and producer, who is independent and devoted all talents to the Lord. The music style combines a lil of pop, r and b, soul
whipped up whickity wizzack
funk, r&b, soul, blues, jazz, house, garage, pop, rock, rap, gangsta, hip-hop, sexy, booty, techno, love, counrty, digital
A cool combination of modern sounds that definitely make you think at some of the top chart artists, from Madonna to Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and Rihann
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