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Experimental, Odd, Death/black metal, Jazz, Classical, modern rock, instrumental, guitar hero stuff, its basically my musical diary, jimrossprojects, bandwhore
Alicia's Ghost, Anthony Eric Sustarsic, Music, Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, CD, Audio, Acid Planet, My Space, Soundclick, Breakthru, MSN, Internet Archives, Creative
Joykamp is todays alternative to homogenised rock groups. With its intense and intelligent musicianship, this award- winning band undeniably administers a full
A.O.D (Aggression Of Death) is formed by Tomas Gonzalez (Vocals), Leo Yanez (Guitar), Frank Duque (Guitar), John Iparraguirre (bass) and Tokyo (Drums)
metal with some original blend of both modern and classic metal as well as rock classical and a hybrid of traditional instruments and electronic synths/samplers
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