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guitar,rock,blues,top, proffesional,ibanez,fender,crate,gibson,satriani,steve vai,santana, pink floyd, feeling, pop,instrumental
Instrumental guitar music with strong melody and groove. An eclectic mix ranging from rock or shred, to acid or techno beats.
Es un cuarteto que hace un rock alternativo instrumental. Con temas propios intentamos que sean los mas originales posibles
I'm very heavily influenced by David Gilmour. I would describe my music as a cross between screaming guitar from the 80's and Pink Floyd.
Fall'n Vai Satriani Dream Theater Yngwie Instrumenral Seven Warr Stick classic ethnic
Played Guitar since high school, influenced early on by Jeff Beck, Blackmore, Schenkar and later Vai, Satriani, Gilbert, Howe.
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