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The main genre of my music is grunge. Sometimes just soft grunge and sometimes very hard. The sound is similar to Nirvana, or Mudhoney. I know, people say grung
Music for your melancholy memories. Specializing in more sullen, reflective love songs. Driven, dedicated, and forever deep in thought, I love to write and w
Spooky Tunes - a finnish rock band formed in 2013. The style of the band combines rock, pop, grunge and elements from electronica, utilizing programmin
I am one man, with a guitar. Brother Zed, of Ned Zed fame, backs me up with drums and bass on some tracks.
Cries is quiet and sad music... all this music consist of feelings of love, death, autumn, cold, sweetness and beauty.
Brady Arnold is an Indie musician, singer, songwriter making recordings since 1992. The style of music is progressive, rock, pop, industrial, and experimental.
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