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Tec-Nyne is are Twins and Produce Hits Under The Name Tec-Nyne. One Twin Name is Tec. Standing for Taking. Everything. Calm. The Second Twin Name is Nyne.
BILLY Swagger, Founder & C.E.O. of The Black ILLuminati Group, is also the company's Headline Rap Artist. With Producer aspirations, BILLY teams up with his bro
Hip Hop production coming to you from New Jersey. Digging for samples and producing from scratch. I'm on a constant quest to find the perfect sound.
Vincent Montez or MtZ.VIP is a music producer, music artist, video director/editor, photographer, and photo editor was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1988 on the
I'm a very versitile producer. I do grime, hip hop, snap, west coast, r&b, its really whatever you want to get out of me.
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