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t.A.T.u: Yulia Volkova and Elena Katina (Russian) Rammstein: German
Beyette was born when a music-making addiction took over a hopeful future film director's career. After composing 7 instrumental albums, Beyette took on a new r
Pervert, Electronic, AcidElectronic Weird ElectronicNewMusic, SoundForge Music ElectronicMetal Band hatepeople BlackMetal covers
Imagine Trent Reznor armwrestling James Hetfield, with Rob Zombie as referee.
VLAD IN TEARS .. is a darkrock / gothic band from Italy. The music from VLAD IN TEARS is unique, dark and heavy. VLAD IN TEARS are currently working on their fo
Robast is a Metalband from Germany.
We want to spread the whole world with our music that souns like Rammstein or Limp Bizkit, so I hope you'd like it!
Fool's Chaos is slap bass electro dance rock. Specializing in funky dance electronica, electro rock and dance metal. The music is Daftpunk, God is an astronaut,
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