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residentially challenged is a solo artist by default. due to the lack of devotion in the human beings that this urban outdoors man comes in contact with, he was
Upbeat, catchy madness. This acoustic act is not your Daddy's brand of easy listening. Sit back, sip your Guinness and let the soothing sounds of Acoustically F
Jonathan Ramsey performs delightfully brash, Irish songs of protest, love, shame, and glory. Energetic, upbeat, and animated, Jonathan Ramsey is always in motio
four asian personas coming together from Arroyo High School, Pasadena City College and UCSD to form a sort of fantasy band using only acoustic instruments that
Interesting Melodic music, that is peaceful to listen to. Or, Metal with aspects of jazz, punk, blues, and anything else that comes to mind.
HELLIPHINO, Fingers, Butcher, Die, Taco, Sexy, Cheerleaders, Felcher, acoustic, vocal, abuse, directions, policy, anger, spill, punk, grunge, 80, beer, drunk
I can't ignore this, not anymore and if no one else noticed would it still exist? - Joel Byrum from the song Daniel's Lament
David Conklin's Punk Rock style comes together with Jared Markson's Bluesy, folk rock style, to create comedic acoustic genius.
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