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Songwriter/Producer - Wishing only to glorify God, we are writers seeking qualified artists to record our songs.
JoosTVD is a grooving funky, but also romantic soul. Selfmade, one-man's band, I've composed about 1000 songs so far..and counting. Used to play and record ever
A really great rock trio, with a bitchin' singer.
Sky of Change (formermally called "As It Is" is a rock project by songwriter Dave Schweizer which features singer William Swann Clausen (Naked Picassos, Smith &
Joe Caravella Solo Music away from his Band Late Model Jesus , has been on the New York Music scene for over 25 years
Jumping Windows is a band of considerable talent, with songwriting prowess that ranks with the greats. Their debut album Belly of the Beast carries the torch of
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