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The Shadowhillz | Purchase A License To Get The Untagged Version Of The Instrumental | Contacts:
Dj Fusion Star music for parties or for a sonic mindtrip listening purpose. Mainly electronic, rap and pop. Enjoy!
Funky Pop-Rock Dance Beats & Hip Rhythmic Vocals Kanye West Hip-Hop mixed with Justin Timberlake Pop, Timberland and Magoo hooks, Eminem style lyrics, Snoop D
Solo Artist into electronic based fusion of many genres, From Electronica to rock reggae to trance. A strange but infectious brew!
My band is me. I started when I was 12 and have worked my way to where I am now. I'm still a nobody but hopefully that will change as I branch out into this wo
experimental gadgets created by artist Ablablablablabla and noisian Nxfxtfxtetxyfxxs.
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