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A grunge/alternative/psychedelic band. Powerful rock, lyrics contains different subjects from own life experiences, dreams and archetypes and buddhistic mantras
gun click panic, powerpop, baltimore, maryland, rock, alternative, shred, all time low, senses fail, adam henderson, dean fuller, tj engel, t.j. engel, ibanez,
Alternative Experimental Power Political Pop
La musica de Dalmanerea mezcla varios estilos (rock, electronica, pop, punk, tecno, hard,...); lo cual suelen llamar meZKla argentina. Los shows de la banda des
Punk Thrash Rap.

live demo recordings available recorded through the mixer at peabodys downunder in cleveland ohio is available.
Drugs Sex Rock Indie Emotion Anger Happy Power Shred Guitar Psychedelic Classic Trip Pain Life Angel Devil God Women Story Roll Head Phone
the Fog Brothers are true originals , conceived over three summer evenings in 2001.
Dr. Pants are the band you've been waiting for...An indie rock ethic combined with the melodic signature of powerpop, the instrumental inventiveness of jam band
Rock and Punk rock. Soaring guitars, light speed drumming, pop/punk sometimes with a tinge of metal with unique melodies.
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