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Eclectic,English eccentricity. A touch of Electronica a dash of indie Jazz and Folk too,plus occasional full on guitar playing and fiddle scraping plus world
I am a new media, multimedia artist. I do free improv and compose using various computer software going where music idea takes me with no specific genre in mind
Album Rock, Classic Pop/Rock, Classic Brit Rock, Classic Brit Pop/Rock, Progressive Rock, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary, Country Alternative, Country Traditiona
Ballademaker my home studio and korg karma, makes ballads, new age, blues, classic music. share music with other musicians,doing collab with other musicians
A perfect blend of styles from around the world.

ECLECTIC is the best way I could describe my music and my day to day life.
With Jered, you can enjoy everything from Death Metal to Smooth Jazz...with just a bit of everything else tossed in on the side...
I am a singer/song writer. I'm still growing as an artist. I am open to trying different types of music. I've been playing the piano since I was 4 years old. I
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