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Old School is a powerful groove based rock band from Salt Lake City. The music is a mix of staight rock with blues and funk influences. Give us a listen. And
Im KidBadAss. Im not a skilled musician but i like to make songs. It entertains me. If u like me. Cool. If not. I dont care. Im the best at what i do.
Atmospheric raw, dark and deadly Old School Or NO School Black Metal.
Show No Mercy is a 4 piece band from the Maryland area that plays brutal, no holds barred hardcore in the vein of Blood for Blood, Sheer Terror, and Integrity.
heavy metal, harmonic metal,hard rock,melodic metal, old school,
Old School Heavy Metal, plain and simple. No gimmicks, no bullshit just Heavy as Hell and aggressive as fuck.
MANGLER (Swe), Death / thrash metal from Sweden. *with members from: DRILLER KILLER, D.T.A.L, OdIUM, SHITBREED, WARMONGER, APATHY IDIOCY SELFISHNESS, NOH
heavy metal, thrash, death, black, metal, jacksonville metal, ailament, old school, heavy, metalcore
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