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Personal side projects written and recorded by myself away from my usual band as a means to explore different ideas.
Singer-songwriter with a razorblade edge. From sultry to powerful, with a modern Euro-groove and flavor. Diverse with guitar-driven riffs to piano and keyboard-
The song I'll See you in Heaven was written after my grandfather who was my best friend past away. But in December of 1997 my best Friends 3 kids passed away in
Even Steven Levee is The Bass Master General. He is working with a number of Bands & Artists including but not limit to: AFu Good Friends featuring i-Potato, Gu
hot, cheerleader, goth, tits, ass, cunt, norway, black metal, metal, christian rock, slut, bitch, drugs, money, best, band, ever
LOVEJUNK is a fast paced, electronic, guitar driven, seriously heavy, punk flavored, party rock monster band from L.A.....Come meet the Party Babyand don't forg
Jedi Superstar - Rock, Punk and Fun all rolled into one dynamic, Punktastic Band!
This Is My Honesty is the latest and greatest new band on the Cambridge scene, playing an infectious fusion of pop with punk sensibilities, sprinkled with delic
great melodies, heavy rhythms, Motown, R&B, Hardcore, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Reggaeton,
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