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Outgoing, socialistic, adventurous, and humble in our ways as artists and people. Definitely one of kind-never find anyone like us!!! We like to just chill with
We are the Jedi Ninja Vampyrez...The Ultimate Hybrid Combinin our styles, the gangsta, the psycho, and the relaxed in Rap, hip-hop, and maybe even a lil bit of
I am a solo artist that have gifts in all aspects of the entertainment industry such as acting, music, dancing, voice-overs, modeling! The gift that God has giv
An real artist about real topics about real change. A must listen to artist out of the midwest region, here to bring you good music. Every single day.
Crooked South Records is the growing dream of two individuals with a deep passion for music. Founded by DeMise and Papa Doe from San Antonio Texas, these two ar
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