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Eric Pressler is a singer/songwriter from Indianapolis, IN. He has performed his music (which has drawn comparisons to Tom Petty, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, an
Indie/Folk Rock from Chicago singer/songwriter Mike Grosso with experimental sounds and random objects being hit with other random objects to make noise. Will b
Just an ordinary guy who writes songs about things I think are worth writing about. I try to hit a spot where people say I know what he means.
Nineteen year old Filipino armed with nothing but a guitar and some songwriting skills.
Acoustic, pop, rock, experiments, the demos, the demons, the loves, the lost loves, the crushes, the flings, life, death, inspirations, multi instrumentalist,
We're an acoustic indie band with a jazzy influence, from Flint, MI. All our songs contain original lyrics and music. Enjoy and let us know what you think!
Once upon a time, the greatest freakin acoustic rock band arose from the roots of Byrnes High, and some place in Tennessee. Out of long nights arose passionate
Id rather record my heart and soul into 5 songs... then do a piss poor job with 10 While it may never be an inspirational quote worth remembering, those tho
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