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Life's Heart Beat Music is like nothing else, music coming soon. Best of the best. Music is art imitating life, so its what you'll get, Life's Music.
Self taught singer/songwriter on 6 and 12 string Guitars and Vocals. Solo performer, but also as a band. Last band line-up as a duo, previously a five piece.
My music is a little bit of this and that. Jazzy-blues, country, indie-rock, gospel, whatever sound can express the feeling. I connect the melody to the feel
Organage is an accoustic rock jam project that has manifested itself in the deepest, darkest depths of my home basement. The album was recorded in a live atmosp
Dark, smoky, beer-soaked rooms with sweat and breath and rage and love pulsing through everyone there, screaming their lungs out and pushing my songs forward as
Random rhythms with friendly vocals. Words to think about and truth to hear. ME is a band for anyone who is tired of the standard radio band.
Self-taught guitar player with a simple sound but words that paint pictures. If you can't relate to this material, then you have never had a bad day, drank too
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